ROW THE BOAT pattern

Maroon Pattern.jpg

Nike has created a new pattern for Gopher Football that incorporates the three elements of the Row the Boat mantra: The Oar, The Boat, and the Compass. The pattern is integrated throughout the new uniforms, fully uniting Minnesota and Row The Boat. The Scandinavian-inspired design moves upward and onward, bringing new energy to Gopher Football. 




The “NEVER GIVE UP” mantra known as ROW THE BOAT came to life from tragedy, sorrow and heartbreak. This mantra can apply to all walks of life and can be used in every aspect of your life. 
Everyone, not just athletes and athletic teams can share, use and live the Row The Boat lifestyle in their personal and professional lives. 
By applying Row The Boat, one can have the proper perspective to overcome adversity and humble success by living a lifestyle dedicated to serving and giving.



The Oar

The symbol of strength and purpose. The amount one brings to their life Academically, Athletically, Socially and Spiritually! 

The only tool that can move the boat forward!




What are you willing to give up for something that you’ve never had? 

The more you serve and give, the bigger your boat gets. The bigger your boat gets, the more people you can actually influence. Influence is about the messengers, not just the message.



THE Compass

This is set by the leader of the boat! 
Whomever you surround yourself with is who and what you will become.

Where is the bow of your boat pointed? Your boat will go where you have directed your energy towards!




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